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commissions up to

earn money with us

click commission

Affiliate Fotky&Foto

We will pay You a commission for the "click" so for each new unique visitor You refer to our website You get 4 eurocents but only up to the commission of Your purchases. The commissions are summed .

Affiliate Fotky&Foto

Direct commission

up to
12 %
for first purchase

Bring us new customers and we will pay You a direct commission up to 12% off their first purchase. If new customers You referred to us purchase during the first month 800€, we will reward You with sum 96€. To do business with us will pay off …

Affiliate Fotky&Foto

subsequence commission

up to
3 %
for the duration of
12 months

It does not end with the first purchase , You get a commission for each subsequent additional purchase of Your referred customer for a period of 12 months. Create Yoursteady income! All You need is to register with us , and promote us…

Affiliate Fotky&Foto

Commissions for photographers

up to
10 %
from purchasing
of photographs

Refer photographer to us who will sell his own photos , we will pay You commissions of his purchased photos for all the year . Promote Fotky&Foto will pay You off..

How to get to commission up to 34%?

Sign up for the partner program of Fotky&Foto and tell about us the visitors of Your websites, blogs , portals, Your customers and partners. We will reward You!

Example A)start

During the first month You refer 240 visitors to us, some of them buy for 80€
Your commission is:

  • 9,6€ commission per clicks
  • 9,6€ direct commission

Total commission added to Your account: 19,2€

Example B) how to ge 34%

Refer to us 500 visitors per month. Some of them purchase in the total value of 120€ and they purchase pictures of Your referred photographers. 
 Your commission is:

  • 19,2€ commission per clicks
  • 14,4€ direct commission
  • 7.2€ the photographer commission

Total commission added to Your account: 40.8€. It is 34% of Your referred purchase.

Example C) high effort

Refer 7000 visitors and they purchase for 2400€ in referred month . Photos of Your photographer will be sold for 1000€ and if Your referred customers from the previous month will purchase products again for the value of 1960€. 
 Your commissi for this month is:

  • 280€ commission for clicks
  • 288€ direct sales commission
  • 100€ commission for photographs of potographers
  • 58.8€ subsequent commission

Total commission added to Your account: 726.8€! This example requires high effort, but we trust that our cooperation will pay You off!

Possibilities of promotion

Advertising is variable and almost unlimited. We have banners widgets You can easily download, fix it to Your web pages You have registered for us. You can Your create own banners and other promotional elements which You submit us for approval and after approval You can fix it to Your website. You can create Your own minisite, other promotional tools, or You can write articles and reviews about us. Do You have Your own ideas, possibilities of promotion? Feel free to contact us. We are open to new ideas and possibilities. We believe that this commission program will enable You to make a very interesting money with us. We look forward to work together.

More ifnformation

Would You like learn more about a partner program of Fotky&Foto? For more information, please visit our Info center.

The commission displayed on this page are approximate.

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