Safe online payment by card

The online payment gateway used by our Fotky&Foto image bank portal is operated by PayMUZO and is called 'GP webpay'. This gateway allows you to effect a safe payment by your MasterCard or VISA card for online transactions.Paying online by your card is easy and safe.

Benefits of paying online through GP webpay at the Fotky&Foto image bank

  • All MasterCard and VISA cards supported (including Maestro and VISA Electron)
  • 24/7 service availability and non-stop monitoring
  • Instant payment verification and confirmation
  • Compliance with state-of-the-art security standards(3-D Secure)
  • Certified and audited by card issuers
MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA

You do not disclose your card details to the Fotky&Foto image bank but only to the payment gateway and your card issuer.

How does the payment system work?

An online payment by card effected by means of the GP webpay system is safe. The payment data collected is encrypted by the Fotky&Foto image bank system using official certificates and sent to the GP webpay system. GP webpay then authenticates the card holder by means of the 3D Secure standard with your card issuer. If the authentication results allow the payment procedure to continue, GP webpay sends a request for payment transaction authorization. If the authentication results are negative, the payment procedure is stopped. The clearing bank forwards the authorization request to the card issuer through interbank networks. The card issuing bank authorizes the transaction and sends the result back to GP webpay. GP webpay delivers the payment result back to our Fotky&Foto image bank e-shop. Our system records the successful payment and adds the relevant credit to your account so that you can purchase photographs, posters, print pictures and, if relevant, sends you the photos you have ordered.

What does the 3D security standard mean?

International associations have introduced a standard referred to as 3D Secure to ensure a unique identification of all parties involved in an online transaction. The standard has established a close link between the issuing bank and the card holder on the one hand, and the retailer and clearing bank on the other side - this is the main advantage of the GP webpay gateway. All data transferred between the payment gateway and the e-shop are digitally signed, which improves the GP webpay system security.

The 3D Secure mechanism is used to authenticate the card holder. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the relevant card association (MasterCard or VISA). A check is made whether the card holder's authentication is required for the card or not. If authentication is required, the card holder is redirected to the issuing bank's system to confirm his or her identity (using a password, e-PIN or any other secret piece of information shared with the card issuer). The authentication result is then sent back to the payment gateway.

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