What is the Fotky&Foto image bank?

Photobank Fotky&Foto is server engaged in selling professional photographs, paintings, vector graphics and videos.

How does the image bank work?

Photobank works quite simply, selling is proceed via e-shop. We sell cheap photos and videos which You find using search form and put into the cart. Then You purchase and download it. You can also purchase an Annual discount program. The price of the program will be transferred to a credit from which You can download photos and videos anytime for the best price until You are out of credits. To order, put photos and videos to the cart. After ordering, photos and videos will be sent to Your e-mail in 10 minutes, and it's price will be taked off Your credit. You can also download Photos and videos after payment from Your accont, where they are available for three days.

For what purposes and how many times may I use the photographs purchased?

Photos purchased from our photobank You can use anywhere and anyway for an unlimited time period according to terms of several licenses below.

Is the registration with the Fotky&Foto image bank for free?

Yes, you can register with us absolutely for free.

Are the images offered by the Fotky&Foto image bank really so inexpensive?

Photobank Fotky&Foto offers cheap photos, it's prices are ones of the most lowest. Prices for individual licenses are displayed in the details of separate photos, or will be dispayed when moving the mouse on each license next to the photo in the cart. You can purchase for best prices if You buy one of the Annual discount program.

Do I have to pay any fee when ordering a photo?

No, you will not pay any fee when ordering an image, the image price specified in the order placed in your shopping cart will just be deducted from your credit.

Do I need to have cookies and JavaScript enabled in my browser?

Yes, for proper function of photobank, You must have enabled cookies and JavaScript in Your internet browser.

Ordered photos should be according to the information on the large 11 "mega", but purchased photos has only 2.5 megabytes

On the page, there is size specified in MPX - the megapixels, which is number of pixels in the image. It is not a megabyte - file size. Simplified solution: megapixel is the picture quality unite and megabyte is unit for file size.

How can I change my own password or my personal (invoicing) data?

These changes You can make after logging in Your own account. Links in navigation menu will instruct You .

Changes in licensing valid from the 6th March 2017

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