How can I get the photos I have purchased?

After purchasing images, whether by paying for them directly from the shopping cart or using your credit with our Fotky&Foto image bank, you will receive an e-mail message with links for downloading the images. (The time it will take our system to send you the message depends on your order size. Usually it takes 5 to 10 minutes. This time may get longer if you have placed a big order.)

The validity of download links is three days since Your purchased products was sent to Your e-mail. After expiration of a three days period You have no longer chance to download photos!

Do I have any possibility to obtain photos in any other way than through a download links from an e-mail?

During these three days You can also download Your pictures or videos directly from Your client account. Log in to Your own account using Your login and password in the right column under Your name, click on 'My orders', select the appropriate order, to display its details clicki on 'Details'. You will see the content of Your order and next to each photograph is the 'Download' button (for 3 days).

I have not received any e-mail with links to download the images. What should I do?

If an error occurred when the order was finalized, you will receive an informative e-mail and the order will automatically be corrected within 10-15 minutes and the links will be sent to you again. If you do not receive any message, check the e-mail address set for your e-mail address and try to send the links once again (see the paragraph above). If the links are not resent to you or if you are facing any other problem, please do contact us. We will be happy to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

I have missed the 3-day period and failed to download the images purchased. Can I still get access to them?

Unfortunately, after three full days expiration from activating the link, You do not have the right to download the photos. It is not possible to make an exception, suppliers do not permit to download products after expiration of 3 days.

It is necessary to specify on the invoices all the details if I do not need them?

No, it is not. It depends on You what You fill in during the registration. But invoice will be made on the basis of what You filled in. However, it is required to enter fields marked with a star. Invoices are made automatically from the data that You specified during registration.

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