Where can I find my invoice?

All of your invoices can be downloaded after logging on the page My payments.

It is necessary to specify on the invoices all the details if I do not need them?

No, it is not. It depends on You what You fill in during the registration. But invoice will be made on the basis of what You filled in. However, it is required to enter fields marked with a star. Invoices are made automatically from the data that You specified during registration.

I have not received an invoice for the advance invoice, how do I get it?

Invoices are made and sent immediately after receiving Your payment. If You still have not received an invoice by e-mail it is possible that it fell to Your spam, etc. In this case the invoices are to be downloaded easily from Your client account after logging in in setion 'My Payments'.

I forgot to fill in information on invoice and an advance invoice does not have proper information, how do I change it?

To change information on invoices and advance invoices already issued, please contact us.

For EU customers except the Czech Republic

I am the VAT payer, but my invoice was issued with the VAT. How do I change it?

Unfortunately issued invoice can no longer be changed in accordance with Czech laws. Perhaps You forgot to fill in correctly the VAT ID box during the registration and information that You are VAT payer. This information can be changed in section 'Personal data' in Your client account. To other invoices will no longer be added the VAT.

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