What is Minidebet program?

Minidebet is a service for our regular clients. If you pay your purchase via bank transfer and you do not want to wait until the transfer is completed, activate this program. You will get your photos just after the purchase even if there is lack of credit on your account.
Basically, Minidebet program allows you to get a negative credit.

Who can get this program?

Every customer who bought our photo stock more than 3 times and always paid in time.

How the Minidebet order works?

Your client account works exactly the same. You buy discount programs and spend credit from the basket. If you have enough credit on your account, the order is the same. The advantage comes when you have not enough credit. Even if your credit will not cover the price of the order, you get your ordered picture immediately. You are charged the entire amount of your purchase and you get to negative credit and you get the proforma invoice.

I have the Minidebet program and I have negative credit. Should I pay an extra fee?

No, we do not charge any extra fee. You pay only your order. Only if the proforma invoice is not paid on time, you may be charged for late payment.

I'm with my credit in debt and need to purchase other photos. Can I get them immediately even if I haven't paid the previous payment yet?

Unfortunately not. With the Minidebet program you can get pictures immediately only if your credit is not in the debt.
If you are in debt and need photos immediately, please pay your order by credit card or PayPal. These payments are completed immediately and you will get your photos just after the purchase.

What happened if the proforma invoice is not paid on time?

In the case of non-payment of invoices the program will be disabled and you will be charged an extra penalty for late payment. The non-paid licenses are withdrawed.

I have unpaid proforma invoice from minidebt order, but I want to buy an Annual discount program. Do I have to pay both invoices?

No. If I have an unpaid minidebt order and more I order an Annual discount program, I don't need to pay both of invoices. The minidebt is covered by the credit. (The price must be higher than the debt.)

Minidebt activation

Program minidebet is activated only to our clients. The application form can be sent here after logging in.

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