Payment method

How does the wire transfer payment option work?

In payment method choose "transfer / deposit to the account". Immediately after Your purchase Your advance invoice will be made and You pay appropriate sum to the bank account via transfer or deposit. After receiving of payment Your credit will be added to Your account and invoice will be made, or in case You order the product right from the cart download links will be sent to Your e-mail address and You can also display the download links on Your account.

What is payment PayPal? How does it work?

PayPal is a secure international payment system which can be used for payment of Your order. The advantage is that the whole transaction takes place automatically and You get Your photos in 30 minutes. To use this option, You must have created the PayPal account. In case You do not have it  You can create one at
When You orders products photobank select PayPal. Fill in required information and You will be redirected to the secure site Then follow the instructions. After receiving payment applicable credit will be automatically added to Your account and invoice will be made for You,  or in case You order products right from the cart the download links to Your photos will be sent to Your e-mail and You will be able to display it on Your account.


What is a credit card payment and how is it done?

Payment via credit card is the most common method of payment because of its speed. If You select this option, You will have Your photos in 15 minutes. We use the safest method of paying via credit card, which runs on secure web site of partner of bank of company PayMUZO.
To order products of photobank choose the option of paying via credit card. You will be redirected to secure portal GP webpay where You pay appropriate sum via Your credit card. Immediately after completion and verification of payment will be credit added to Your account. In case You order products right from the cart the download links to Your photos will be sent to Your e-mail and You will be able to display it on Your account.
All information about security and payment via credit cards can be found on page Information about payments via credit cards and it's security.

Visa MasterCard

I cannot pay via credit card, even if I have enough money on my bank account.

Some credit cards do not have ability from the bank to the Internet payment. Ask Your bank to make such payments via credit card activated. The card can be also activated for one use (one-shot).

Are there any fees for the operation and activation of an account?

No. There is no fee for the operation and activation of the account. You only pay for Your ordered photographs.

How can I get the pictures today, if I cannot pay online?

In case You have possibility to pay only via bank transfer and want to get pictures as soon as possible please use "Express Payment". This service ensure that You will receive the photos  in an hour after sending confirmation of payment and calling requirement to photobank infoline. To learn more about this service, see page information about Express Payment

Is the credit valid only for a limited period of time?

The validity period of credit is limited to one year after its activation. Extending of validity of credit can be done by purchasingg of a new Annual discount program.

May I use a negative credit to purchase photographs and replenish the credit later?

Unfortunately, the Fotky&Foto image bank does not support this option. If you wish to purchase images without having a sufficient credit on your account, you can order photographs and pay for them directly from your shopping cart.

What is Minidebet program?

Minidebet is a service for our regular clients. If you pay your purchase via bank transfer and you do not want to wait until the transfer is completed, activate this program. You will get your photos just after the purchase even if there is lack of credit on your account.

Basically, Minidebet program allows you to get a negative credit. more info

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