Annual discount programs

What are the Annual discount programs?

The Annual discount programs allow You to purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the best possible prices. When You purchase one of our Annual discount programs, the total price of the program will be transferred to the credit which You use when You purchase photos and videos. Credit is the name for money stored in the image bank Fotky&Foto that are used to pay for all orders. The validity of credit is one year from its activation.

What are the benefits of purchasingg photos via the Annual discount program?

The main advantage is very low price of photos and videos, which is significantly lower than purchase right from the cart. Another advantage is availability of photos that You download immediately whenever You need them.

What Annual discount program is the most suitable for me?

We offer three Annual discount programs: Start, Standard and Premium. Programs vary the amount and price levels at which you download licenses. Approximate prices of photos and videos in such a discount program can be found in the lists on the page Subscription, Annual discount programs. To know the price of a specific license photos or videos in the Annual discount program, ask us using contact form or e-mail.

May I choose the price of an Annual discount program?

Yes you can using the slider under the price of an Annual discount program.

How can I purchase an Annual discount program?

On page Subscription, Annual discount programs Choose one of our Annual discount programs and purchase it. The entire sum paid will be transferred to Your credit. You can pay via bank transfer, deposit to the account, anonymous cash payments via the SuperCASH at SAZKA terminals or secure online payment via credit card (for more information about the security of credit card payments, see below).

What can I download from credit of an Annual discount program?

Using credit you can download any licenses of any photos, vectors or videos.

It is necessary to purchase an Annual discount program, even in case I purchase only a few photos and I want to pay single-payment?

No, it is not. In case You purchase only a few photos and You want to pay single-payment, take the possibility of purchasingg right from the cart. You will avoid registration, You will only be asked for contact, to which will license be bounded. After payment download links for photos will be sent to Your e-mail. If You want an invoice You will have to fill in invoice information.

Is the credit valid only for a limited period of time?

The validity period of credit is limited to one year after its activation. Extending of validity of credit can be done by purchasingg of a new Annual discount program.

Am I entitled to a refund of credit that I haven't used within its validity?

No, credit is not money, because by buying the Annual discount program you are getting a service that lets you download photos and video at lower prices. This service is terminated by credit exhaustion, or after an annual period of validity of the Annual discount program.

Will you inform me before the Annual discount program expires?

Yes, even three times. 30 days, 14 days and 7 days before the annual period of validity we sent you email that warns you. So you can extend the validity of the remaining credit by purchasing any new program or you can fully use the credit.

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