How do I search for photos as efficiently as possible?

In the database of Fotky&Foto there are millions of photos and therefore it is important to search effectively. Take advantage of our smart search where you can specify various filters and criteria of search. Find the desired pictures by using the right keywords, which you can combine. Combine keywords can also with english expressions. After entering the keywords it is advisable to choose whether you are looking for a photo, video or vector. You also have the option to specify additional search filters such excluded keywords, size, orientation, color, category, number and ages of people. This will narrow the search to the desired photo. You can also search according to the number photo or the photographer, author of several photograph.
You can also search images by using similar images from your computer or internet. There are lots of photos which inspire us. Upload a similar image, or enter the URL of the image you found on the internet. It is very probable that we can find the same or very similar picture.
Try how our search works.

Photographs that I have found in Your menu I can't find according to the number. Can I stilll get it?

It is possible that the photo was withdrawn from the menu by photographer, the author of photos. In such a case it is no longer possible to buy the photo. If You are sure that the number that You copied is correct it is no longer possible to provide photograph. Contact us if You are not sure.
So that's why we recommend You to purchase photos which You want as soon as possible.

Previously, after putting product into basket displays option "Go to basket" or "Continue shopping". But now it doesn't. What should I do?

To delete the cookie and display selection window again, click on the following link. delete cookie

I chose a particular photo, but I need it in higher resolution. Can I purchase Your photo in higher resolution, which You do not mention on the menu?

We always offer our customers the highest resolution that we have of several available photos. That is why it is not possible to obtain a higher resolution than in our offer. The resolution is in the quality of 300 dpi, so You can keep on working with photos.

How can I purchase and pay for photographs?

There are three ways to download photographs. Downloading is very simple and quick. Simply following these steps:


    Single payment using shopping cart is convenient for those who not download photo regularly, for those who want a one-off order.

    Step 1:
    Find the photos you want to buy and put them into the shopping cart.

    Step 2:
    In the shopping cart, select a license (if not already selected) and click on 'Order'. Fill out the required information and select a payment method. Immediately after payment you will be links to your photos sent by e-mail. We also send you an e-mail with credentials so you can track the status of order and download photos from a user's account. This user account can be also used for another purchase.


    Purchase with an Annual discount program is beneficial for those who buy more photographs. By purchasing a pricing program you also get the better prices of photos, vectors and videos. You pay only once and whenever you want to download photo, the price is deducted from your prepaid credit. Read more about the Annual discount programs.

    Step 1:
    Order an Annual discount program on the page Subscription, Annual discount programs

    Step 2:
    After the payment is accepted the amount will be automatically ascribed to your account and also your pricing of will be changed. Search for photos and put them into the shopping cart and choose the desired size (license). When the order is confirmed, we send you the download links to your email address specified in your account. Photos can also be downloaded in your user account, where you can see a history of your orders.


    The subscription is suitable for those who buy regularly. Prices of photos and vectors are the lowest. Gallery of photos suitable for subscription includes more than 50 million images. Read more info about subscriptions.

    Step 1
    Buy a subscription on the page Subscription, Annual discount programs

    Step 2
    After we obtain your payment, your subscription will be activated, and after logging in to your user account you can download photos in the largest size up to the limit of your ordered subscription anytime.

In case of any troubles follow instructions of order system. If You demand our help, contact us via contact form, e-mail, or telephone. We gladly help You

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