Terms and Conditions for the affiliate program Fotky&Foto image bank

1st Terms and Conditions for use of the partnership program Fotky&Foto image bank

a) Agreeing to these terms and conditions the photobank user (referred as a 'partner') agrees to all the terms of the partnership program of photobank Fotky&Foto, and bythis he concludes cooperation agreement with the operator, which is

Golden Empressa s.r.o.
Bulharská 996/20
Vršovice, Praha 10, 101 00
ICO: 08199817
The company is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, file reference: C 314667
(Hereinafter referred to as 'operator')

b) Personal information provided when registering a Partner in the affiliate program is handled by the operator, in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll.

c) Partner states that the registration data provided to the person and address, and it is full legal capacity.

d) the partner who signed the partnership program, this does not become a representative of, only to be promoted and encouraged.

e) Partner shall be placed on your site advertising (banners, icons, product boxes, text links, ...) provided by the operator or the operator's own promotional products approved for the purpose of positive promotion Fotky&Foto image bank.

f) The operator undertakes to create a partner account Fotky&Foto image bank will attach to the commission in the form of credit under Article II. Terms and Conditions.

g) Partner states that the website that you signed up affiliate program or location where you placed the ad elements are Fotky&Foto or has his consent to their use and placement of advertising within their content.

2nd Commission and the amount

a) Partner Program gives all partners Fotky&Foto image bank opportunity to pay commissions for promoting Fotky&Foto image bank.

b) A claim for a direct commission from the sale of a partner when the moment arises through its pages or links zaregistrané code conveys a partner to partner Fotky&Foto image bank customer and he made his first purchase to be reimbursed. Entitled to a subsequent commission arises partner for each additional purchase of a customer for 3 months after its registration in Fotky&Foto image bank.

c) Commissions due for clicks partner if he has to learn that his commission is available. In this case it provided the partner commission for each one unique click of the month (click means unique visitor mediated through registered partner sites). Commission on the clicks are tied to the amount of sales commission. This means that the commission can handle a maximum amount of sales commission for that month. Handles are added every form of one month and every month separately.

d) Commissions from the purchase of photographs of Your related photographer. As a reward for relating of photographer, we will pay You commissions from the purchase of his photographs for up to one year after his registration. The amount of commissions is paid from commissions paid to the photographer in the last month.

e) The operator reserves the right to change commission rates without notice. New commissions of the partner is notified through website image bank https://www.fotkyfoto.com section of the affiliate program and these Terms.

The commission is as follows:

Attract new unique visitors per month4 € cents / click
Direct commissions from the customer's first purchase přivedeného12% from the purchase directly from the basket
8% from the credit purchase
The subsequent commission of any other purchases for 12 months3%
Revenue from partners photographer rewards up to 10%
Commission payout:

f) The commission will be transferred to partner either with an additional 5% bonus to his account on photobank Fotky&Foto or to the form of credit which may be used for any purchase of products and services of photobank Fotky&Foto. At any time this transferred credit cannot be paid out. Commissions can also be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

g) The minimum amount for paYout of commission is € 20, -. The total actual sum of commission can be displayed after logging in a partner's account. Overview of the commissions is available in a partnership program in statistics, where is also the possibility to apply for money transfer and paYout. The Provider transfers the sum to the partner's account. When applying for paYout, partner has to fill in his bank account number. If the partner is an entrepreneur then he is obliged to issue invoice to the commission before paYout. Commissions can be paid on PayPal account.

h) Payment of commissions via PayPal is free- we recommend this. To paYout commission partner must enter all the information needed for this transfer. In case of international bank transfer (for the states in which Fotky & pictures have Your bank account) fees for this transfer will be charged to the recipient.

i) For the unpaid customer, canceled orders or the commission paid. If payment is required to partner a commission forthwith return the operator.

3rd Rights and obligations of partner

a) Partner undertakes to operate a website on which the ad is placed on the website service in accordance with applicable legislation and relevant social standards. Partner declares that the competent person who is authorized to operate a website on which it is placing ads on the Web site operator and owns all the necessary permissions or licenses relating to the content and form of such websites. Partner is responsible for the content and links to your site.

b) provision of advertising graphics is protected by copyright and may only be used in unmodified form, and only to promote the website operator. Partner may not use any other graphic service than one that is intended to account affiliate program operator and the operator or the spouse expressly approved.

c) Partner agrees to archiving by the personal data that will be used only in connection with the operation of the partnership and agrees to receive commercial communications service.

d) Partner shall not use the Partner respectively of its pages or links to register yourself or your company itself, or where the company however is the financial holding a stake. Such conduct would constitute a breach of internal rules and may be followed by section IV, paragraph f of these terms and conditions.

e) prohibited the sending of misleading advertising (spam) via newsgroups, email, SMS, fax or mail as well as other telecommunications devices. Partner undertakes that its website does not contain any material or link to it that is illegal and harms the copyright, trademark rights and patents, trademarks, trade names and related rights. Partner must nepodniknout nothing to harm the reputation of the operator.

f) Partner responsible for any damages caused by such activities.

g) Partner undertakes not to use any 'click campaign' or web site designed just to get commissions for clicks, or other unfair practices to obtain clicks. Such practices may lead to cancellation without refund of any commission.

h) If the operator is aware of illegal or fraudulent conduct partner allows the partner operators release all his personal data provided to the competent investigative bodies.

4th Duration, termination of cooperation

a) This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

b) Operator Partner Program reserves the right to monitor content and placement of banners and links to partner sites and close cooperation in case of violation of any section of these rules and conditions.

c) This Agreement contains all the agreements of the Parties concerning the subject matter. Ancillary verbal agreements have been concluded. Changes or additions to this agreement shall be effective only if accepted in writing.

d) The termination of this Agreement, a partner and the operator may at any time without giving reasons.

e) In case of discovery of fraud by the actor PhotoBank reserves the right to immediately terminate the cooperation with such a partner and without any rights.

f) The operator reserves the right to remove without compensation partner with which it finds a breach of these terms and conditions, internal and ethical rules of the operator. Assess whether a partner is breaking the rules belong entirely to the operator. If a partner broke the rules and conditions of cooperation may be his participation in the partner program canceled without the payment of commission in whole or in part by the decision of the operator.

5th Other arrangements

a) the operator has the right without prior notice, modify or cancel an affiliate program or even change the current terms and conditions. The change of operator will be informed via the website https://www.fotkyfoto.com. The changed conditions are considered accepted by the time of publication.

b) If a partner with the latest version does not agree terms, is obliged to withdraw it by sending an email to photostock@fotky-foto.cz operators with an application to terminate the cooperation. If the partner fails to do so will be deemed full acceptance of new terms.

c) Operator shall be entitled at any time, suspend or limit the display of advertisements placed on the website and the partner is entitled to change the content and format of the ads.

d) An operator shall not be liable for damage caused by failures, errors or failures of online system and internet network. The operator is not liable for the damage caused by action or inaction of third parties.

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