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There are two ways to pay for photos in Your cart. Either via prepaid credit or directly from cart. If You have any qustion, contact us. Buy prepaid program

Licences of purchased photos can be changed in a cart. Details of licenses will be displayd when You point with a mouse on it. More information about licenses is to be found on the side. License and use


You may access your shopping cart anytime. However, if you do not sign in to your account before, during or within 30 minutes of the last transaction in your cart, the cart contents will automatically be deleted. If you sign in while filling your cart with images, the photographs you have placed in it will be saved under your account and you will be able to display them again anytime thereafter from any computer; the same applies if you place any images in the cart while signed in.

Prices of images fluctuate and such changes are also reflected in the shopping cart.

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